lungsquicken-deactivated2012050 asked: Aww, I love your blog too. If it's for the best though, good luck :) xxx

aw thank you so much, same about your blog and thank you :) xxx


okay i know i haven’t got a considerable amount of followers but i’ve always appreciated the ones i do have and therefore i feel the need to explain my actions.

so basically i had a really long talk with my dad about the effects he thought tumblr was creating for me and no sooner as he’d pointed them out i instantly began to see the problem. tumblr for isn’t a heathly place especially for someone as impressionable as myself, although i found some great support here it’s made me do things i swore i wouldn’t do again, my self confidence is non-existing and I’m constantly comparing myself to the beautiful girls on here. like i mentioned before since being on tumblr i re-started lets just ‘personal things’ and i really don’t want to be going down that road again not for the sake of a website. therefore i shall be deleting as soon as i go back to collage on september 5th. my blog with inactive until that time.

i still have twitter and facebook mind,

so please please please follow me there if you’d like to catch up etc.

twitter: @ChloeMaariie


taking a break from tumblr/twitter etc…

i have so much shit going on in my life right now, i don’t think it’s very healthy to have access to the internet etc so my parents are taking my laptop off me.

i’m not sure how long i’ll be gone for, but please don’t unfollow whilst i’m gone.

i understand i haven’t got many followers on here or on twitter but i love you all for actually enjoying what i have to say/post/reblog etc and you’re all great.

see you soon x

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sorry for my ugly face on your dash again today, just really wanted to try making a gif like this, its awful i know, but its my first attempt, hooray for no notes

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